Did you gradate from your eduation?

Sometimes even companies that specialize in education in one way or another can miss important typos, especially when it comes to catching omitted letters.

“Eduation” – that’s how Josten’s, a diploma manufacturing company, misspelled “education” on high school diplomas – for two years.

Makes me think of the letter of invitation I received from a university when I was approaching high school graduation: it began “Dear Lara, we hope that yo are looking forward to yor gradation…” and thus it continued: between the “Dear” and the “Sincerely” there was no letter “u” to be found.  I thought at first it was a stuck key problem but then noticed that my name and address at the top of the letter contained two “U”s and there was a third in a postscript line.

Both Josten’s and the university I received the letter from are entities normally known for their high quality of work.  In fact, I’d bet they use multiple proofreadings to catch such errors.  However the human brain has the ability to see what it expects to see, even when it’s not there, so occasionally important typos can get by, especially if a single person is doing the repeated proofreadings.

One of the best ways to catch letter-omission errors is to have more than one person do the proofreading.

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