A Few Good Men

UPDATE: Good News! The military has reversed its position and allowed SFC Martland to remain in the military. Thank you for your prayers and actions on behalf of SFC Martland.

Those who watch films may remember the movie of two US Marines courtmartialed for the death of a fellow Marine.  One of the two accused soldiers could not understand why they were discharged for “conduct unbecoming” when they were following orders.  His companion finally realized and explained to him that they should have stood up, against orders, for those weaker than themselves.

Four years ago, Sgt. First Class Martland did exactly that, he stood up for a young Afghani boy tied to a post and repeatedly sodomized by an Afghani policeman. Now Sgt. Martland may be drummed out of the military for doing the right thing.

Please watch this video and sign the petition to expess your support for Sgt. First Class Martland.