Recommended Tool: FreedomFiler

This is the time of year to clean out old files and set up new ones.  Depending on how many files you have, this can be a time-consuming chore.    FreedomFiler can make it much easier!

This ingeniously set up physical filing system is organized so that files are nearly self-purging, allowing old papers to be cleaned out in a few minutes time on a monthly basis, instead of taking hours at the end of the year.

The system can be used for traditional categories (such as Budget, Insurance, etc.), as well as for vendor, customer, legal, finance, or subject/resource files. Kits also come with blank labels that you can custom print on your printer. And the pre-printed labels have other info besides just the file name.

You can even purchase a complete filing system, complete with pre-labeled folders (you pick the color) already in order in a filing bin!  Ready to use out of the box!

There are only two cons to this system, both of which are minor:

  • When setting up the system yourself, there is a bit of a learning curve to understand the set-up.
    • Tip: I found the photos included in the instruction manual to be as helpful as the written instructions.  Because of my experience with setting up the Freedom Filer files in my office, I was inspired to set up a similar system for my event handling files.
    • If you’re seriously averse to learning curves, or just don’t have time for the set-up, and are ordering a system for home use, order the pre-set up ready-made filing system. All the work except inserting your papers is done for you!
  • The included pre-printed labels have an adhesive that is pretty permanent. Consequently they tend to shred if removed.  I found this out the hard way after adhering the peel-and-stick label directly to the inside of a plastic file folder name holder, then realizing it was facing the wrong way.
    • Tip: If removability is an important priority for you, I recommend adhering the pre-printed label first to a removable adhesive label (Avery, or another brand) or to an old-fashioned paper insert that slides into the file name holder.  That way you have the color and great info of the FreedomFiler label AND removability.

That side, I’d like to add that once my system was set up and going I’ve had no need to remove any labels. It’s worked great!

Just FYI: I only recommend tools I’ve used and believe in.  FreedomFiler is one of those, having used it both at home and in the office. I like it so much that I’ve become an affiliate. That means when you purchase through the first link above I will earn a small commission that helps to keep this site going.  Thank you! 


Coming Alongside Those in Need

Book Front Cover image. Title: ALONGSIDE by Sarah Beckman

Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in Their Time of Trial

Know of a family in crisis,trial, or grief and want to help but don’t know how? Check out Alongside: A Practical Guide for Loving Your Neighbor in their Time of Trial (, by Sarah Beckman. I’ve been involved with helping family, friends, and neighbors in crisis off and on through the years and highly recommend this book. It has everything I learned the hard way and wish I’d known earlier:

  • Do I go, or not go?
  • I want to take a meal: what kind, and how?
  • The family has said no more meals, what can I do instead?
  • Are there ways I can help that don’t require me to interact with the family?
  • Whom do I contact for the family’s status?

and much more!

Sarah Beckman’s done an outstanding job on the book, sharing from her own and others’ experiences! if you’d like to read her story, check out her Facebook site (“Sarah Beckman, Author and Speaker”), and look for her on Instagram or Twitter (@sarahbeckman14). Also check out this Alongside video on YouTube.

Order the book before February 14th and receive Sarah’s Alongside Early Order Bonus package. Check out the book link above to find out how to receive the package.

A version of this review first appeared on my Facebook page